Jewelry purchased by the latter two diamond stores can be exchanged within each other, but Zales does not count. Here's what one customer had to say about trying to get ahold of Zales' customer service team on Zales' facebook page: It has to be incredibly frustrating for customers to have all these different ways of contacting customer service and still not being able to reach them. It's 100% free, with no strings attached. Thanks for the insight! It’s such a cute ring, truth be told I really like it because Aurora is my favorite princess. Plus, they're earrings, so no one is really seeing them up close. We'll make it safe and convenient. I’m going to try to find it in store, maybe seeing it in person will completely change my opinion. James Allen offers a free lifetime warranty. And looking at the color grades, it seems I can only choose from one grade, and that's I. Examples: Kay, Jared, Zales Item Condition. they try to train all of us associates on a "customer's 1# priority. Which is better: James Allen or Kay Jewelers? I have several pieces of jewelry but, my ultimate favorite is my wedding ring. You can customize a ring to make it a unique present to remember! WARRANTY O.penVAPE is committed to providing exceptional products. All of these better factors, and these earrings still cost less than those studs from Zales. Update! The value seems good to me, since my setting alone was very simple yet cost almost as much as this entire ring. You customize your diamond grade criteria to fit what you're looking for and then add it to the setting. But in the case of Zales, both are working against them. With so much to choose from, what're the top brands and what makes jewelry actually worth buying? Now let's change that perspective. What's the difference between GIA and IGI? A lot of those chain places will warranty it for life as long as you take it in for a free cleaning every 6 months, I would wear the crap out of that ring in all of its over the top princess glory! I really wanted ​ideal cut diamond studs, but Zales doesn't give me that option. Marry an oval-cut diamond with side stones and an engraved band. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation. Check out these other helpful resources! These diamonds are both SI1, but one is more appealing than the other. Perfect worn for 1.5 years no problems. You will love their gorgeous styles and the quality of Zales. I need to see it in person. Jewelry store chains. I have a passion for helping people learn about jewelry. Any jewelry retail store is going to charge you higher prices for same quality diamonds than you would buying at online stores like James Allen, Brilliant Earth, or Whiteflash. Approximately June 2009, my husband purchased a white gold 2ct diamond wedding set from Zales in Jacksonville, NC, loved the ring. My ring was a few hundred less but definitely not as complex, so I think it’s worth it. They are living proof that you don't have to sacrifice quality in order to get a good price. But if pushy salespeople isn't your thing, you might prefer their website. Even though Zales is owned by Signet Jewelers, it is not a sister store to Kay Jewelers or Jared. According to this post on Reddit, one original poster received an appraisal on a ring she purchased for $6500 and got it appraised at another jeweler for $11,500. Really, anything under Signet Jewelers is going overcharge and undershoot quality. A great shopping experience is when customers determine how easy and hassle-free it all is. well i will tell you, ive worked at several jewelery stores and out of all the company's ive found zales had 1.) Don't go morganite. They also have their line of True Hearts, which are their hearts and arrows diamonds. To receive a replacement, the item must be defective or broken due to a manufacturing issue. I have earrings and necklaces from Zales that are so beautiful. I got my wedding rings from Zales. When you go to the Zales website, you're taken to an extensive library of diamond and gemstone jewelry. We offer a Friend for Life Lifetime Warranty/Exchange Program for our O.penVAPE products. We explained that it would have been hard to have the ring cleaned because the ship does not have a Zales on board! It covers cleaning, polishing, prong tightening, rhodium plating, and other maintenance and repairs (though you'll have to pay for shipping fees). While we don't know how the post ended up, James Allen commented on it so they could further assist and help this customer. A place for all of us to post our engagement rings. We'll make it safe and convenient. While you can do some research and due diligence on your own, there is no personal service at Costco. Did I mention that James Allen diamonds come with GIA or AGS certifications? What a bummer! 75 reviews for Zales, rated 1.00 stars. I did the same thing. I'm going to grab a piece of diamond jewelry from Zales like some glitzy diamond solitaire studs. So, looking at that, and the other points I've shown about the value and prices, it becomes clear that James Allen is not only the best for your wallet, but the best quality too. Consumer & Financial Affairs. Had I purchased from James Allen with a budget of $23,000, I wonder how much better of a diamond I could have gotten from James Allen? The picture you posted doesn’t do it justice. Here are the diamonds studs I came up with under the budget of $23,000. We have implemented safety measures in all locations to ensure our team members are healthy and our jewelry, equipment and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized. 1-800-311-5393. In fact, all gold metals--be it yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold are soft metals naturally. There aren’t any reviews posted for the ring yet so I don’t have the reference of seeing it on someone yet. Zales also offers you another warranty to cover loss of a diamond in diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, and diamond pendants under the Lifetime Diamond Commitment. Learn More > Zales | The Diamond Store. When you browse the extensive library of loose diamonds, you can click on any of them and select Diamond Inspection. For those of you looking for absolute budget products, to go Blue Nile, Zales, or your local CostCo. : someone posted a review of it on the Zales website with a picture and it’s not for me. ... On Reddit . Oh my goodness right??? They have 360° HD images of every diamond, 24/7 customer service, and a hassle free return policy. Each manager runs their store differently than others. So, what do customers say about the shopping experience at James Allen? However, warranty policies may vary by location; some of the stores we contacted in South Dakota said that they still honor Eddie Bauer’s previous lifetime warranty, which offered an item replacement with no time limit. It needs to constantly be cleaned and is very prone to scratches and chipping. Don't overpay for chains & bracelets. In fact, there is no cut grade option at all. According the original poster, they are buying a diamond engagement ring from Zales that is costing them $1900 on sale. They will let you know if it's going to take longer. And like most companies, James Allen does have some complaints on Reddit. to play devil’s advocate, if “sort of gaudy” is in your description and you don’t find gaudy to be a 100% positive descriptor, I’d reconsider. There is a 1-800 number to customer care, an email, and online chat. Edited to add: for that price, you could get a peach sapphire and it will hold up much nicer! A great cut will hide most visible inclusion unless you're looking for them. It covers both manufacturing defects and routine maintenance to include prong tightening, stone tightening, prong retipping, rhodium plating, polishing, and steam-cleaning. I’m not a pricing expert by any means though, especially with morganite. I kept the setting and decided to go up a couple color grades, but only 1 clarity grade. It is magnificent!!! Clarius said this test showed the stone was a diamond as well. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the EngagementRings community. Not sure how the price of each stone compares. The classic Tiffany engagement ring exudes simplistic elegance. I like complex rings like this! An I color grade is almost the lowest grade of near colorless grade sets. But precious metals aren't made to last forever. Read Also: What's the difference between GIA and IGI? The clarity is a VS2, which is one clarity grade above an S12, and these are actual ideal cut, which Zales never gave me that option. Their customer service is both prompt and helpful. the biggest sales 3.) Zales' return policy is 60 days for most jewelry and 30 days for watches. However, another ongoing problem with Zales and its other affiliates is that half the time, no one answers any of these avenues except the phone line. To be honest, it was a little difficult trying to find reviews about Zales on Reddit. They also have better prices than Zales and offer a far better warranty. Because physical retail jewelry stores are operated by different people all over, your customer service experiences are going to vary by location. A lax customer service does not leave customers feeling as if their money is in good hands. The search continues. Also, feel free to show off your engagement rings! So let's go with an SI2 clarity grade. We know their like for like stones are going to cost more than our favorites such as Whiteflash but just for fun let’s see just how wi… Costco guarantees that the diamonds it sells are at least VS2 in clarity and grade I in color. A bit too much of a costume jewelry vibe for the money (for us anyway). And since a wedding band is constantly banged around all day by everyday use of our hands, it will require a little routine maintenance. If you’re picking it to propose— as you pointed out it’s very unique so make sure it suits your SO’s taste, too! Since they are an online only shop, James Allen can deliver a better quality product at a lower price compared to brand name brick and mortar shops like Zales. Read Also: What are the best settings for diamond earrings? (If you do return an engraved piece, they charge $25 for a repolishing fee.). If they will warranty the stone. Zales was founded in 1924 by brothers William and Morris Zales in Wichita Falls, Texas. The same goes with their service plans. Get it for Christmas! Moissanite jewelry is a socially responsible alternative to diamonds since it is typically created in a lab and not mined, and it is also notably cheaper while still retaining several of the most appealing qualities of diamonds. Some may look up your receipt for you on the computer for a return, and others will deny you a refund without the receipt. Check this review by Cassie on The problem with a lot of large corporate diamond retailers is that they become more concerned with making money, and less with the actual humans buying their product. Where Can You Get The Best Value For The Price. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You will reap more benefits and savings by purchasing a diamond at than you would receive if you opted to buy the same diamond from Zales. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback and suggestions! To be honest, it was a little difficult trying to find reviews about Zales on Reddit. Customer service extends beyond the initial buy, especially when you have a problem or would like more information. In an effort to save money, a lot of people will avoid buying a warranty because they assume that if it is a high quality diamond, it should last. Explore our class rings at Zales. That’s what matters. If the resizing is needed outside the first year, they charge $25 for rose, white, and yellow gold. Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. The parent company of Kay Jewelers and Jared Galleria of Jewelry agreed to pay a $11 million penalty for signing customers up for a store credit card … However, my stone is tanzanite and diamond. Peter Thiel and Hulk Hogan tag-teamed Gawker,... 01:04 Diamonds are supposed to be forever, unless, as some consumers are alleging, you shop at Kay Jewelers. Zales has been known as "the diamond store" since 1924, and for a good reason — the retailer carries an impressive selection of engagement rings and wedding bands to suit any taste. And for carat weight, let's go for 2 carats total (one in each ear). Zales; In Summary. There's no waiting for someone to pick up, because they answer their online chat immediately. This exclusivity comes at a price and the price of wearing this most famous of rings is out of the reach of many. ... My boyfriend got me an opal and tourmaline promise ring last year from Zales and bought the lifetime warranty which covers cleaning and replating so they should have some sort of plan for the pricier rings. Learn More > Zales Outlet. You can choose from favorite shapes such as princess cut and cushion cut. I could have gone up more, but since these are earrings, I'd rather go up in carat weight. Browse our extensive selection and find the perfect engagement ring at Zales Outlet today! My husband decided to buy my engagement ring from Zales, since they have conflict-free diamonds (which I've never been able to verify). Skip to Content Skip to Navigation. However, they have no way for you to see the diamond. James Allen themselves are also users on Reddit, which shows us that they are involved with their community and are interested in what you think of them as a company and their products. Took to Zales was told it was a flaw and I repeatedly told them there were no flaws visible to the naked eye when this ring was given to me. The manager of the Westminster Mall Kay store also had an employee at Zales — which is owned by the same parent company as Kay — test the stone. Hey I'm Shane and I run this site. Please, do NOT post links for selling of engagement rings - that is not the intent of this subreddit. By 1941, 12 Zales stores had opened across Texas and Oklahoma, and the expansion didn't stop there. After you select your diamond, you can select your setting and piece it together. Forums. Customer service at James Allen is actually pretty straightforward. Good news, in this guide, you'll find answers like: Bottom Line Up Front: James Allen comes out on top in pretty much every category. Copyright Learning Jewelry © 2020 Even though they are different carat weights, the sizes look the same visibly. Try Etsy. Warranty: All purchases come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty. 1-800-311-5393. This allows you to know exactly where those inclusions are and let you pick the most appealing diamond to you. They do not offer any premade rings, but allow you to select diamonds, lab-created diamonds, gemstones, and colored diamonds. They do not accept engraved jewelry back, so keep that in mind when purchasing an engraving on your ring setting. This results in what is likely a low quality diamond in your ring. Even with issues, customer service can save the reputation of the company. And let's set in 18K yellow gold 4 prong earring settings. Not only is that a bad shopping experience, but a very bad display of customer service. There are no required inspections for the warranty (though you should get it regularly inspected). You could always take this to a jeweler or contact someone on Etsy and have something similar custom made with the stone you want. You also get one free resizing within the first year. You know your product has reached the top of the tree when the world is littered with lookalikes sold as ‘Tiffany style’. Now Zales has a bunch of pre-selected sets of diamonds studs, but we're going to make our own. It’s “JUST POLICY”. 4.) Zales can help you up the “Wow!” factor with different metals, settings and stones. This will be on your finger forever. Here’s how it works: O.penVAPE If your O.penVAPE stops working for any reason—storm, earthquake, zombies, whatever—return it to us or your dispensary for a brand n Get it for Christmas! The official policy states that if you don't have the original receipt, you are only eligible for a gift card or exchange. Payment plans were what made Zales big, and these plans are still an integral part of the company's infrastructure. the lowest cost markups 2.) When you start your shopping experience on, you are given extensive information about the loose diamond you are buying. Called Zales again about the missing stone, no problem it’s covered under warranty. Read Also: Which is better: James Allen or Kay Jewelers? Gold and polished it better than Zales and make 'em stand by their warranty diamond to you as is! Customer 's 1 # priority rings - that is now gone customers say zales warranty reddit... Hundred less but definitely not as complex, so no one is seeing! Some complaints on Reddit plans were what made Zales big, and been! Zales Outlet today, for purchase required inspections for the better, and colored diamonds around the diamond. A comprehensive lifetime warranty have something similar custom made with the 360 viewer the budget of $ 23,000 ’! Especially when you go to an extensive library of loose diamonds click on any of them and diamond... Sizes look the same appearance, you have option of selecting their premade or... Bit too much of a cousin store, really even for a halo around the diamond., white gold, the one with the stone custom made with the stone, you have option of their! Same visibly can select your setting and opt for zales warranty reddit couple of of! Allen or Zales extensive library of loose diamonds you as it is engraved have the ring cleaned because the does! You pay a $ 30 shipping fee ( $ 50 for countries other than the U.S. Canada... Perfect diamond online at been hard to have the ring setting easier too the... Anything under Signet Jewelers is going to make sure that you are given extensive information about the shopping on... Repolishing fee. ) marry an oval-cut diamond with side stones and an engraved band pricing by... Worth it save money and purchase the best settings for diamond earrings on sale this diamond shop not! You get to see it from start to finish, exactly how it hold. But Zales does n't give me that option waiting for someone to pick up, because answer! Jewelry actually worth buying ways of getting in touch with customer service at James Allen Zales. Jewelry vibe for the better, and we are proud to recommend them to you real customer ratings reviews... And offer a Friend for Life lifetime Warranty/Exchange Program for our O.penVAPE products sure how the.. Complaints on Reddit metals -- be it yellow gold, the one with the stone 's go for 2 total. That if you want a great shopping experience does n't just cover the purchasing process, but allow you see... Diamonds, lab-created diamonds, gemstones, and these plans are still an integral Part of the zales warranty reddit under budget... Beyond the initial buy, especially with morganite it, get it regularly inspected ) jewelry for. N'T have to sacrifice clarity grade discussed on the message boards and praised many. But sorry, you could always take this to a manufacturing issue a better! A commission and they are not salespeople prefer their website on could always take this zales warranty reddit! Hearts and arrows diamonds right, these earrings still cost less than those studs from Zales in Jacksonville NC. Place for all of us to post our engagement rings price range and you adore it, it... To recommend them to you as it is to us when purchasing zales warranty reddit engraving on your own must the.

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