No matter how you use the tool, I hope that the above list can help you to choose a great tool for viewing the system info. The features and components are neatly arranged on the main menu. Download HWiNFO. It is one of the free and open-source examples of hardware information tools for Linux. KDE The Best 55 HWiNFO (32/64) Alternatives CPU-Z Speccy Rainmeter GPU-Z SpeedFan Open Hardware Monitor AIDA64 HWMonitor Network Inventory Advisor SIW PC Wizard Total Network Inventory … It supports integrating with other tools so that you can export the results for further processing and formatting. NAME. WinAudit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This tool is written with Bash and supports any type of Linux distro with even added support for the Windows OS. Freeware Windows/Android 81 votes SIV (System … The OpenSSH suite is a collection of robust tools intended to facilitate the remote control and transfer of data... Node.js is an incredible platform for creating seamless high performing, and scalable websites. Start to analyze your hardware right now! The developer named this tool after the popular CPU-X tool for Linux. There are many tools that are built to get information about hardware components and one of them is the hwinfo command-line linux utility. Although the newer version of Ubuntu opted to use the alternative tool named HardInfo. It was originally developed for the OpenSUSE Linux project. It can report exact memory configuration, firmware... Inxi is a system information script that can display various things about your hardware and software to users in an irc chatroom or support forum. It shows time, date, and some other necessary elements inside the window. But the awesome developer community is offering some great tools for this purpose. GPU-Z. Rob "I preferred HWInfo64 due to its stability, data widget, and real-time system monitoring. It works as a complete device management tool that can report every component plugged in via USB, PCI, or other methods. It can monitor the temperature of the motherboard and CPU sensors (using lm-sensors), the temperature of... Hardinfo is a system information and benchmark tool for Linux. Feel free to send us your questions and feedback on, in our discussion forums, in our Discord channel or tweet us at @AlternativeTo, Made in Sweden, Fueled by great apps, coffee & good music, version: Release-20201214.1, //, Active filters: linux, clear and show all alternatives. hwinfo - probe for hardware SYNOPSIS hwinfo [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION hwinfo … Mac Also known as palimpsest, gnome-disk-utility provides libraries and applications for dealing with storage devices. It has extended support for displaying the battery statistics of your computer if it is a laptop or tablet. It is able to recognize information about:... cinnamon-cpufreq-applet - Port of Gnome 3 CPUFreq applet to Cinnamon - with some fixes. It will show different features by marking as a tick or cross mark so that you can get an idea of the features your machine lacks. There are multitude of programs available to find the hardware and software information in a Linux system. Hey, looking for something like HWInfo64 for Manjaro. Completely free. Users can select what parameters they want to display while showing the system configuration. Open Source Hardinfo is an easy to use Linux system info tool. Open Hardware Monitor. It has one of the most beautiful and cleanest user interfaces among all the tools I have mentioned above. It comes in two forms, portable and installer. This tool has many features arranged in a beautiful and clean dashboard. CPU 2. block devicesaka hard disk, CD ROM, floppy 3. It will give you all the detailed analytics of the hardware components installed on your PC. Please note "hwinfo" is basically a SUSE Linux tool. Core … iPhone It will show you all the installed components of your PC, like CPU, GPU, motherboard, RAM, Audio devices, and so on. This is a complete package for managing all the connected devices of your computer. But most of the Linux distributions do not offer built-in hardware info tool on Linux that offers an easy to use GUI. Here we have enlisted the best 10 hardware information tools for Linux that will help you to get the most out of your hardware. We know that Linux offers great flexibility to the superuser. BSD. You have entered an incorrect email address! Alternative apps to HWiNFO64: 247 votes CPU-Z 1.94.8 CPU-Z is a freeware detection program base on the Panopsys hardware detection engine. It creates a comprehensive report … Psensor is a graphical hardware temperature monitor for Linux. It shows detailed system info, including hardware, environment, and kernel. Haiku. It can show detailed battery information along with recharge cycles that are very helpful for laptop users. This tool was developed by the KDE software community. On Windows my PC is silient … This tool uses a popular hardware component probing library named In that case, you can consider the user interface and user experience it provides. This tool can monitor the CPU and GPU load in real-time so that you can track the performance graph. Linux ... Psensor is a graphical hardware temperature monitor for Linux. Because you won’t want to install different tools for different purposes, rather you should choose a tool that will work as a jack of all trades. It can use lm_sensors and ACPI... Free GPU-Z is a lightweight system utility designed to provide vital information about your video … Linux system info tools let you view the detailed state of the hardware components of your machine running Linux based distributions. Download HWiNFO64 - Shows extensive information on the computer's hardware components such as HDD temp and S.M.A.R.T. Installing software on a Linux system might be tricky... Linux News, Machine Learning, Programming, Data Science, The 10 Best Linux Hardware and System Info Tools in 2020, Everything You Need to Know about Linux OpenSSH Server, The 20 Best Node.Js Books For Beginner and Expert Developers, How To Install and Use Skype on Linux System. You will even see your firmware stats in this tool for getting a detailed overview. AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. Other commands to check CPU information in Linux. Users can generate an HTML file and export based on the detailed system info and benchmarks. This is called lshw and can be accessed via typing this simple command inside the terminal window. It’s Now Easier, The 20 Best Raspberry Pi Books For Beginner and Expert Developers, Most Stable Linux Distros: 5 versions of Linux We Recommend, Linux or Windows: 25 Things You Must Know While Choosing The Best Platform, Linux Mint vs Ubuntu: 15 Facts To Know Before Choosing The Best One, Best Things To Do After Installing Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana”, The 10 Open Source File Navigation Tools for Linux System, How to Install and Configure AnyDesk on Linux System, How to Install and Configure Django on Linux System, Snap vs Flatpak vs AppImage: Know The Differences | Which is Better. It can be used to generate a system overview log which can be later used for support. See alternatives TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux TrueCrypt is free open-source disk encryption software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux… This is the port of that popular tool that you can use on Windows. Complete documentation or help file is included with this tool for the beginners.

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